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Royal Signs & Awnings

To have significant success, business needs to have at least a working marketing system made of effective virtual tools. Royal Signs & Awnings is a Leading sign company, and it is our mission to help businesses develop positively through grade-A signage products and services.

Our company is a trusted provider of signs, graphics, and every service needed to design, manufacture, and install them on any building or area. We always make sure that every project is strategically suited to the specific needs, budget, design preferences, and branding of each client that we work with.

Every signage product you can imagine can be made here in Royal Signs & Awnings, from durable outdoor signs made for marketing to aesthetic indoor signage used for wayfinding and information dissemination. Every product will be meticulously designed, fabricated, and installed securely in your building to achieve maximum functionality and impact.

Interested in getting game-changing signage from a leading Leading signage company? Reach out to us today and boost your business in no time.

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Signs That Work for You

As a leading Leading sign company, we take pride in our production and design processes for our signage. We follow a meticulous and strict procedure to make sure we’re able to consider each important factor needed to create highly impactful signage and contribute to the success of our clients’ businesses.

We aim to design the signs in a way that effectively communicates the message of the business and attracts the maximum volume of potential customers regularly. We also make sure to use only the best materials in the market to guarantee the durability and longevity of the products.

In our process, we always aim to ask certain questions such as:

Will the signage be used outdoors or indoors? How long are they expected to stay outdoors every day?

For businesses that need a storefront sign, what is the location like? How is the weather, environment, and community around it? What kinds of establishments are found in the area? For those looking for a multi-tenant sign, how many and what kind of businesses will be included in the package?

How about the target market? What kind of people a business is looking to entice with signage?


The Right Signage for Your Business

Royal Signs & Awnings has extensive experience handling businesses from any type of industry. We know that the branding incorporated into the signage is as important as the design preferences or budgetary requirements of the business.

Our graphic designers are here to help you optimize your brand and all its details as we apply it to any type of signage that you order from us. All your colors, logos, slogans, texts, and other branded visual elements will be used to project the proper image that we want your customers to see and experience from your business.

We help clients build their brand by offering clean and sophisticated-looking signage to them, such as channel letters, which convey a brand’s message in a straightforward way. On the other hand, flashy, wacky, or dynamic signs like LED displays or digital message boards are best used by businesses like bars, restaurants, and retail stores.

With Royal Signs & Awnings, you can find the best combination of signage design specifications that is most suitable to your business and brand.

Outdoor & Exterior Signs

To ensure that a business has a concrete impact on its local community and immediate environment, high-quality outdoor signs must be strategically designed and installed in its building.

Royal Signs & Awnings is here to provide you with every durable, weather-proof, and visibly attractive exterior sign for your business, from the smallest acrylic panel signs to the largest brick monument signs.

Rest assured that the storefront signs that you order from us will be made to follow industry standards and local signage laws if there are any. We will also match the dimensions and designs of the signage according to your budget, brand, and other preferred specifications.

From backlit dimensional letters to high-standing pole signs, Royal Signs & Awnings can provide every sign you need to achieve the visibility goals you have for your business.

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Indoor & Interior Signs

Of course, it is not enough to just grab the attention of passersby. The aesthetic, brand, and visual quality of your outdoor signs must be retained until people walk inside your business building. Let Royal Signs & Awnings provide you with impactful interior signs that can improve customer experience, information dissemination, and promotions.

Indoor signs have a variety of types, each having its own specific purposes, such as wayfinding, information, safety precautions, and sales. Just tell us what your goals are and we’ll make sure that these signs will achieve them perfectly.

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Vinyl Signs & Graphics

Vinyl is very popular in the signage and graphics business because it is a material that can display vividly high-quality images while having notable durability. Products like vinyl banners are a favorite among our clients. We match the durability of the material with industry-grade UV-cured ink, a fade-resistant substance that allows high-quality graphics to stay fresh and attractive for a long time.

Vinyl letters and graphics are also popular because of their design versatility. Without cutouts of quality vinyl displaying virtually any image or text you want, you can decorate your building with any kind of creative visuals that you can imagine. From your floors to your glass windows, anything can be beautified with these grade-A vinyl graphics. Just let us know, and our experts will be there to help you design, manufacture, and install these products for you.



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Custom Signs

In business, uniqueness is vital. People are more likely to transact with a business that has a visible brand because it welcomes trust, consistency, professionalism, and quality.


If your business does not have a unique presence, then people might think that your products or services are just as good as any other establishment in your industry.

At Royal Signs & Awnings, we know the value of setting up business signs and graphics that are cohesive in look, feel, and message. We always make sure that our clients receive a set of visual products that effectively carry their brand, whether they order just a few signs or a full package of outdoor signage, vinyl graphics, storefront signs, and indoor signs. We will incorporate your branded images, texts, and other visual elements into these signs because we know that generic-looking signage, although it can communicate information, just won’t do the trick.

Even if custom signs are all about design and visuals, don’t worry. We are still committed to using only the best materials for your customized products so they can last as long as possible.

Complete Commercial Signage Company

Getting business signs involves an entire set of processes. Not all companies are able to specialize in all these procedures. But with leading Leading sign company, Royal Signs & Awnings, all the services involved in signage production can be done at our in-house facilities. From the designing to the manufacturing, our experts have full control over the quality of our signs. We also have a team of installation and repair experts to handle the procedures that take place on the business site of our clients. If you work with us, you won’t have to go to another company for any other service.

From the most intricately detailed window clings to the most heavy-duty monument signs installed with LED message centers, there is no sign type available in the industry that we cannot design, create, and install for you.

Just tell us all about your goals, from your design preferences to the budget and schedule you have in mind. Our team of signage experts, project managers, and engineers will help you throughout the project, making sure you are fully satisfied from the beginning of the process until the end.

Rest assured that your signs will be delivered in peak quality at the right time without going over the agreed-upon budget.


Our Commitment to You

Because we are a Leading sign company, Royal Signs & Awnings knows how important it is for businesses to have at least a working set of visual tools used for marketing, communication, aesthetics, and other general information purposes. It is our mission to help businesses reach their fullest potential using industry-quality signs that can elicit maximum customer attention and boost your bottom line.

Rest assured that you get the best of our abilities and expertise once you begin a project with our company. We will devote the totality of our knowledge and resources to building you durable and effective signage that can grab the attention of anyone who passes by your business area. You can trust that our project plan will consist of all your preferences even in budget and schedule.

Interested in our services? Get your game-changing signs and graphics today from the top Leading sign company, Royal Signs & Awnings.

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