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For a business to succeed, it must be visible at any given time no matter where its prospective clients are coming from. Fortunately, there are signs that can help businesses achieve the level of visibility they need even at great distances, and one of them is pylon signs.

Pylon signs can serve as a great landmark for your business, letting people know where your business is located and what you are offering. It also allows people to get key information about your business, like sales, promotions, and other activities and details they need to know about, like weather, time, and an inspiring quote they’d love to read. If done correctly, these pylon signs can also serve as an important landmark for the community and create a positive image of your brand as people pass by it every day.

Royal Signs & Awnings can create custom Portland pylon signs that represent your brand well in the best possible way. We believe that giving you a normal sign will not bring in the impressions you need because the image people have of your brand is too plain. Once we get your request, we will sit down with you to learn what you need for your signs and we’ll deliver them exactly to your specifications in a short period. You won’t be disappointed with our top-class service and we are always ready to help you reach your business goals through your personalized business signs.

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Illuminated Sign Boxes

Pylon signs guarantee that your target audience will see your location from a distance. But how about at night or during harsh weather conditions?

Illuminated sign boxes are recommended as they can present your business or facility in the image you want at any given time. Royal Signs & Awnings can design your illuminated sign boxes to match your content, plus use the best lighting and sign features to create your desired effect.

We can also customize the sign box’s color, size, shape, and face to suit your preferences regardless of your budget.

Affordable Tenant Signs

We can also make affordable tenant signs if you are on a budget. These signs will not require any additional extras like lighting to make your signs stand out and be visible.

We recommend requesting our standard road signs which have steel framing and aluminum sides to serve as your tenant signs. These materials are very durable and can be customized to match your brand. Meanwhile, the face can be mounted in single or multiple poles and show any content you want people to see.

You can request affordable tenant signs of any size from our team, and the final product is guaranteed to help you meet your marketing goals by bringing in more traffic.

Weather-Proof Outdoor Signage

Since they will be installed outdoors and exposed to the elements, your personalized Portland pylon signs need to be made from durable materials that won’t degrade easily no matter what kind of weather is in your area.

Royal Signs & Awnings will take note of your location to determine the best materials that can be used for your pylon signs. We can combine a variety of materials to match your theme and strengthen the entire pylon sign.

For example, we can use polycarbonate or acrylic for the sign faces while we can use steel or aluminum tubing for the sign cabinets.

Want a digital message board for your pylon signs? We can use waterproof digital message boards for them so you can use them at any time, even when it is raining.


Full-Service Sign Company

Looking for a talented team who can make custom Portland pylon signs? Royal Signs & Awnings has been personalizing business signs for clients for years no matter what industry they are in and what design requirements they have for their signs.

What makes us unique and allows us to personalize each sign project we make is our full-service sign service. We already have a great team of graphic designers, sign manufacturers, installers, and maintenance personnel ready to work together to meet your design requirements and deliver the sign you dream of in a short period. You will be guided throughout each step, so you know what you are getting and all your questions are answered.

Our team will also make the process stress-free as we will already design the pylon signs with the legal regulations applied to them. We will also file for the appropriate permits to get your pylon signs installed without any problems. If you are working on a budget, we can adjust our prices and still deliver high-quality business signs whenever you need them.

Free Pylon Sign Consultation

As a business or a company, you need to stand out at all fronts to show to your target audience that you are an entity that they can trust with their needs.

With custom pylon signs made by our Portland, OR sign company, you can get the attention of your target audience more efficiently and showcase your brand better even before they see what you are offering up close. Learn more about our pylon signs and our other sign services through our free consultation service, and one of our sign experts will show you how you can showcase your brand better with a custom pylon sign made by our company.

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at Houston: (832) 699-1115 | Austin: (512) 675-6869 | Dallas: (469) 879-5786 | San Antonio: (726) 208-1666 | Portland, OR: (971) 200-1802 for your Free Consultation with a Leading Signs & Graphics expert!

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