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A business may have good products, but not having a strong, professional presence may cripple the company’s operations. This can be easily solved by having effective and strategically made Portland outdoor signs that can catch the attention of your customers and the general public.

Royal Signs & Awnings is here to provide every service you need to get the best signage products for your business. From strong monument signs to attractive LED programmable centers, we are here to help you build a strong visual presence to attract people to your business and make a lasting impression on your customers.

We assure you that the signage you will get from us will be designed to be visually appealing as well as structurally durable. With our products, you will be able to attract customers for a long time, even if these Portland outdoor signs get exposed to harsh weather regularly.

If you are interested in what we can do for you, just give us a call. Let us be your trusted partner in improving your business’s visual brand and marketing reach through grade-A signage products!

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at Houston: (832) 699-1115 | Austin: (512) 675-6869 | Dallas: (469) 879-5786 | San Antonio: (726) 208-1666 | Portland, OR: (971) 200-1802 for your Free Consultation with a Leading Signs & Graphics expert!

Storefront & Building Signs

Storefront signs are the first visual elements that people see on a business’s building.

At Royal Signs & Awnings, we make it a mission for businesses to have a better visual presence than their competitors so they can dominate their local industry. We’ll make sure that the materials we use are the most durable types in the market, so you’ll be able to sustain your maximum visibility for the longest time possible.

There are many types of outdoor signage available. Picking the right one depends on important factors like your budget, business type, and design preferences. Here are some examples of outdoor signage:


Channel Letters & Dimensional Letters

Channel letters and dimensional letters are made of individual 3-dimensional units (typically in the form of letters and symbols) that commonly spell out the business name of a company. They are a very classic signage type that can make any business look professional and well-built.

Both of these signage types can be customized to display any kind of visual object: from letters and numbers to symbols and images, even logos! The difference between dimensional and channel letters is that the latter has hollow insides that can be installed with electronic lighting for extra emphasis.

If you want to go for a more elegant and solid look, you can have your letters adhered directly to the facade of the building. If you want to prioritize a speedy installation process, we can offer raceway-mounted channel letters.

One of the most versatile signage types, channel letters, and dimensional letters, can be easily customized to suit any business from any industry. Build a professional and well-established look whether you run a retail store, office building, or even an industrial facility.

Lighted Signs

Lighted outdoor signs are the optimum option for businesses that run all day and night. We offer a wide variety of lighted signage, from pure LED light units and message centers to illuminated channel letters and cabinet signs.

We use grade-A LED technology for our lighted signage because they are the best option for illumination today. They offer bright and strong visibility without eating up a lot of electricity.

We have LED tubes that can be morphed into texts and objects, pulling off the classic neon sign look without costing as much as authentic neon lighting. This product is an amazing addition to your neon aesthetic because LED consumes way less energy than neon. They are also low-maintenance and environmentally friendly!

If you run a business that runs until the time, such as gasoline stations, convenience stores, restaurants, bars, and theaters, get lighted signs now!

Custom Sign Panels

Sign panels are flat, solid signs that can be heavily customized according to the preferences of the user. They are usually installed by directly attaching them to a building’s surface.

From large panels to small ones, you can get them in a wide variety of dimensions to fit your marketing goals. They can also go as connecting signage and as illuminated signage. You can add translucent paint for the texts for a special look or a vinyl cutout attached to a metal plate.

From full-colored graphics to plain, black-and-white designs, Royal Signs & Awnings’s panel signs can go in virtually any form you want! Rest assured that whatever design options you choose, we will build them in the most durable way possible.

Just tell us the sign panel design preferences you have, no matter how complex they may be. We will be ready to make them for you!

From start-up businesses to well-established retail stores, sign panels are great for any establishment that needs highly effective and attractive signage without the high costs.

Canopy & Awning Signs

Canopy and awning signs offer an extra feature to businesses: an aesthetically pleasing overhead cover that provides shade and protection. Typically made of a stretched canvas, canopy and awning signs can be imprinted with any text or image to showcase your business brand.

Awning signs are typically placed on the front window of a store to provide shade both on the inside and outside of the glass. They are commonly attached directly to the facade of the buildings of businesses like restaurants and retail stores. Canopy signs are also attached to the building, but they are typically longer than awning signs and require a supporting pole on the outer edge.

Canopy signs project a unique, boutique aesthetic that makes them perfect for businesses like retail shops, flower stores, restaurants, cafes, jewelry stores, hotels, and salons.

Monument Signs

If you want a powerful, show-stopping sign on the front of your business building, we highly recommend getting a monument sign.

Monument signs are made to be visually attractive while extremely durable. They are typically made of materials like stone, brick, poured concrete, plastic, wood, aluminum, and metal. They are known for their strong presence, which typically makes most establishments a good landmark in a locality.

Like other outdoor signs, monument signs, in all their durability, can still display virtually any kind of information, including your business name, operating hours, slogan, logos, founding year, and the like. You can have them etched directly on the monument or add a digital message board for a unique, high-tech look. You can also add exterior lighting to your monument sign for a strong presence even at night.

Monument signs are popular in establishments like hospitals, schools, business parks, and museums.

Pole Signs & Pylon Signs

Standing meters high from the ground, pole signs and pylon signs offer height and a wider visibility reach.

These signs are made to stand very tall, allowing them to be seen from far away, even by people driving by. If you run a business that is located in a remote location or along the highway, a pole or pylon sign would be the best sign to use.

These signs are also great options for business areas with multiple establishments. You can have the information of each business, including their names and building location, detailed on one big sign so everyone can have an equal amount of exposure.

Furthermore, we also offer illumination options for pole and pylon signs so they can still be functional during the night, especially if they will be used in far areas. Rest assured that the most durable materials will be used since these signs will be very exposed to everyday harsh weather conditions.

For malls, shopping centers, gas stations, diners, fast-food restaurants, and commercial buildings, pole signs and pylons are your best bet

Complete Exterior Signage Provider

Regardless of your budget or business type, Royal Signs & Awnings is here to provide you with every service you need to get the best signs for your business.

From the high-tech sign production equipment to the highly trained experts, we have all the necessary resources to design, manufacture, and install all types of Portland outdoor signs that our clients need.

We are here not just to create general-use signage, but signs that are fully customized to the brand of our business clients, forming strategically designed visual tools that bring significant impact to businesses.

Here are examples of other outdoor signs that you get from us:

Address Signs

A-frame Signs

Awning Signs

Blade Signs

Cabinet Signs

Channel Letters

Dimensional Letters

Flag Signs

Hanging Signs

Monument Signs

Pole Signs

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Full-Service Exterior Sign Company

Royal Signs & Awnings is a full-service provider of Portland outdoor signs. You won’t need to go to another company to look for a graphic designer or a signage installer.

We have everything you need to turn your ideas into real, high-quality signage and bring them to your business area in the fastest turnaround time possible.

We make sure to create each sign with the highest standards of quality, attractiveness, and durability, all while encapsulating our clients’ branding in each product. You can rest assured that your signs will have no signs of imperfections.

Furthermore, we always use the best units of material to form our signage products to ensure that the signs will be able to perform their roles for the longest possible time. We will install them perfectly to secure their spot even though they will be exposed to harsh sunlight or precipitation

Free Outdoor Sign Consultation

The visual aspect of any business is vital for success. What people immediately see on your storefront can make or break your relationship with every customer that transacts with you. A business must be able to gain the trust of its customers not just through its products but also through strong visual presentation.

Let Royal Signs & Awnings help you acquire an impactful and effective set of Portland, OR outdoor signs that can contribute to your business’s success. We are always ready to start discussing your needs with us. It all starts with a call!

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at Houston: (832) 699-1115 | Austin: (512) 675-6869 | Dallas: (469) 879-5786 | San Antonio: (726) 208-1666 | Portland, OR: (971) 200-1802 for your Free Consultation with a Leading Signs & Graphics expert!

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