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If you run a business that highly prioritizes customer traffic and regular sales, highly visible exterior signage is one investment that you should have.

Among the many types of exterior signage available, monument signs are perhaps one of the most memorable and show-stopping signs out there. They make great first impressions with their powerful presence, attracting people easily to your business area.

If you’re looking for a trusted signage company that can provide you with the best Portland monument signs and every accessory available, Royal Signs & Awnings is the right place for you. We are fully capable of providing every service needed to bring these products to you. From designing blueprints to installing supporting structures, we can do it all for you.

You can trust that the signage we’ll build for your business will be made using top-of-the-line materials, making you confident to display them at your storefront for all to see. A monument sign from Royal Signs & Awnings will not just allow you to send your messages clearly but also create a strong landmark in your community.

Monument signs are applicable to many types of businesses, including hospitals, schools, and even multi-tenant areas. Get the best one for your business at Royal Signs & Awnings.

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An Impressive Entrance

First impressions are just as important in business as they are in human interactions. Without a strong storefront presence, the volume of your clients may become less than its fullest potential. People might be more interested in working with a visibly established company than one that isn’t.

With Royal Signs & Awnings’s services, you can get a game-changing sign that can display a powerful first impression, imprinting a lasting memory on your local community. Any material that you want is guaranteed to be of its peak quality, whether it’s marble, stone, concrete, aluminum, or brick.

Our Portland monument signs can also come in various styles. If you want the simple, old-fashioned look, you can carve out your business name, tagline, and other important information directly on the monument’s surface. If you’re looking for a more modern option, we can provide you with highly visible programmable LED message centers that can display highly editable content.

Multi-Tenant Monument Signs

An establishment that can greatly benefit from monument signs is a commercial multi-tenant area. The monument is typically placed by the roadside, showcasing all the different establishments that can be found in the area, even those that are located in the innermost parts of buildings.

Get a multi-tenant monument sign if you run an industrial park, mall, or multi-company office building. You can get one in various design options, which can even include a lightbox so that the sign can stay highly visible all day and all night.

You can also add digital message centers so your multi-tenant monument can have animations or rotating messages for a fully dynamic show.

Custom Signs for Every Budget

Monument signs are one of the bigger and more durable signage types. Consequently, they are also typically more expensive than the rest. But what makes them a solid investment is the fact that they can sustain a large impact in any establishment they represent for many, many years.

Furthermore, with Royal Signs & Awnings by your side, you can rest assured that you will have the best quality of monument signs in terms of attractiveness, features, durability, and pricing.

You can also trust that we will aim for the exact creative vision and quality that you have for your signage, considering all your budgetary considerations and scheduling requirements.


Free Monument Sign Consultation

One of the best ways to expand a business’s customer reach is to install highly effective signs. And as your leading provider of signage products and services, Royal Signs & Awnings highly recommends our Portland, OR monument signs.

With highly durable, weather-proof base materials, you can expect that your monument sign from our company will benefit your company in marketing reach and informational purposes for a very long time.

Let us know how we can help you improve your business through quality signage products.

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