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Do you want a business sign that can literally and figuratively help you outshine your competitors and showcase your brand to your clients? Portland lighted signs made by Royal Signs & Awnings are the solution you are looking for.

Lighted signs come in various configurations, with some tailored specifically to have external lighting to display their content, while others have an interactive light interface that allows it to show various types of content. It can be used for various applications as well, from acting as a storefront sign to informational signs for people to see.

Royal Signs & Awnings is always ready to provide you with the lighted signs that your business needs and the sign support services that will help you optimize their use. All you need to do is tell us your business details, your sign requirements, and other ideas for the signs, and we will provide you with a full sign service that will create your dream lighted signs for your business.

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Traditional Neon Signs

Neon signs are the old-school signs used by businesses in the old days for many reasons. First, they are very bright and gave off that professional vibe people are looking for in a trustworthy brand. Second, they also stand out in comparison to signs that do not have any lighting. Finally, they can be requested in a specific color that matches your brand.

Nowadays, having traditional neon signs can be pricey because they are not easy to replace. They are also very fragile, which is why they can be hard to maintain. Since they also use traditional components, neon signs are also energy-hungry, and their constant use is harmful to the environment.

Fortunately, with new technologies, there are now great alternatives to neon lights that can still mimic the original. At Royal Signs & Awnings, we can show you these alternatives and create signs that look and work similarly to traditional neon signs. You can get them at great deals, and we guarantee you will not be disappointed with your signs.

Lighted LED Signs

If you want a bright lighted sign but do not want to use traditional neon lights, LED lights can be used as a great alternative.

LED lights were invented to replace traditional bulbs, especially with the rising prices of electricity and the fragility of traditional bulbs. It uses less energy, requires less maintenance, and is cheaper to replace compared to traditional lighting. It can also mimic traditional lights thanks to the technology used to create these lights which allows them to be usable in any given situation. From being used as external lighting to backlighting, LED lights will work flawlessly.

Our lighted LED lights can be used by businesses that have late hours like hotels, gas stations, and restaurants, as well as those who wish to have a visible sign at any given time.

Indoor Lighted Signs

Lighted signs don’t just work well outdoors because they can also be used indoors to help achieve your target effect.

Perfectly customized Portland lighted signs can be used as entrance or exit signs, directional signs, and even informational signs. If designed properly and installed in the right areas, it will create an interactive environment that will make it easy for customers to go around the space and get the information they need without additional assistance. This will improve their perception of the brand and its dedication to achieving 100% customer satisfaction.

Our team can design these indoor lighted signs to suit your purpose and install them in key areas so they will be seen immediately by clients. If you are uncertain how to design these signs, we can recommend the best one for your needs.


Programmable Digital Message Centers

Need a show-stopping sign that can display any content style? You definitely should invest in programmable digital message centers.

These signs are made with high-quality, environment-friendly LED displays that can play photos, videos, and even audio in a fixed or timed interval. The content is programmed through special software, reducing the need to go directly to the sign to update its content. The content can be upgraded at any time to match any promotional activity or event which reduces the need to replace the entire sign to match the event or promotion.

Programmable digital message centers can be available as a standalone sign or incorporated into existing designs. You can also get them personalized to the shape you want and reflect your branding in its framing.

Full-Service LED Sign Company

Whether you are requesting one of our custom Portland lighted signs or other custom business signs for your business, Royal Signs & Awnings can design, manufacture, install, and maintain it for you perfectly.

We have the team, equipment, and materials needed to create business signs of all shapes, sizes, and specifications. From storefront signs, ADA signs, yard signs, lighted signs to custom signs, we can make them in record time without asking a third party to handle certain steps of the sign production process. The sign materials are also top-class and capable of withstanding the elements, as well as being easy to maintain and repair.

Once you reach out to us, you will be assigned one of our sign experts, who will then guide you through our services and make sure that we have everything we need to know about your sign request before starting its production. We will also provide you with recommendations for its design, installation location, and use so you can achieve your goals easily while these signs are in use. You can also trust us to handle the legal paperwork needed to get your signs up in your location and not face legal trouble. You can’t find this attention to detail anywhere else so make us your sign company of choice.

Free Lighted Sign Consultation

If you are looking for lighted signs for your business, don’t look for another sign company anymore because Royal Signs & Awnings is here to save the day.

Our Portland, OR sign company can personalize your lighted signs to represent your brand and give your target audience more reasons to check out your offerings. As we make your signs, we will be with you to answer all your inquiries and help you use these signs to your advantage. Learn more about our sign service through our free consultation service today!

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