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Is your standard business sign no longer appealing to your target audience? Are you looking for a way to change this and get a step above your competitors? You can definitely make the switch to custom Portland digital signs made by Royal Signs & Awnings!

Digital signs are interactive signs that can display content in a variety of formats, whether it is through a photo, text, or video. It can be used as a freestanding sign or installed on walls depending on the client’s preference and tailored to match their brand and chosen optimizations. Digital signs can be used for either outdoor or indoor purposes and will not require a lot of money to use or maintain.

Royal Signs & Awnings uses premium LED displays and sign components to make your requested digital displays and add the optimizations that will work well for your purpose. We will take your design preferences, budget, and local ordinances into account when making these signs and get them installed in your store securely. We guarantee it will last for a long time and you can trust our sign company to help you maintain them.

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Dynamic, Attractive Digital Signs

Digital signs offer more benefits than traditional static signs, especially when it comes to their appeal, function, and options.

In terms of appeal, it can be customized to suit any shape you desire and display vibrant content through video and photos. As a result, it can easily catch the attention of your target audience and offer an interactive experience in how content about your brand is delivered to them.

Function-wise, it can be used in a variety of ways without having to change the sign altogether. Normally, if you need a sign to serve as a storefront sign or an informational sign, you have to get two different signs which can be very expensive. With digital signs, you can program them to display a variety of content without getting a second sign in the process.

Finally, you can get digital signs in a variety of options. From the size resolution, display capability to its overall shape or design, you can get it done to suit your preferences and budget. Royal Signs & Awnings takes the step further by creating these digital signs in-house and providing all the support needed to maximize its functions.

Outdoor Digital Displays

Since every business must have an outdoor sign to call on to prospective clients, outdoor digital signs can increase the chances of getting them to check your display.

For outdoor digital signs, you can choose from small to large LED displays and format the display to show whatever content you want people to know in an interesting fashion. Our LED displays can play text, image, video, and audio content and are programmed to show content at timed intervals so people can get the information they need at the right time. It is also cost-friendly because it uses less energy even if it is used 24/7 and is very easy to maintain or repair.

Outdoor digital displays can work for any business for any given purpose and they can also be incorporated into existing signs you may have on display already. Royal Signs & Awnings will also house these displays in weatherproof housing so they can be protected from the elements at any given time.

Indoor Digital Displays

Our Portland digital signs can also be used indoors, where they can assist in improving customer experience and perception of your brand.

When your customers see your digital displays, they will find it easier to find the information they need and see your dedication to your brand. As a result, you can increase the possibility of getting sales from these clients, as well as positive feedback about your brand. It will also be a good way to show that you are a brand that is not afraid of innovation and technology.

Our digital sign experts can help you design your indoor digital displays to suit your purpose and branding, combine multiple displays to create an interactive experience, and get them installed in the right areas to achieve your target experience.


Full-Service Sign Company

Do you want to work with a Portland, OR sign company that can handle every step of the manufacturing process and create your dream business signs regardless of your budget and design preference? If that is a yes, you won’t be disappointed with Royal Signs & Awnings. 

We have an experienced team of signage designers, manufacturers, electricians, engineers, installers who will work together to deliver the signage you requested. For our customized Portland digital signs, we use industry-grade LED screens that can display your content in vibrant colors and cost less to maintain, use, and replace. You can also request for the body to be tailored to suit your ideal image and even get your new digital signs attached to your existing business signs. 

Royal Signs & Awnings can also make the following business signs: 

  • Channel letters
  • Monument signs
  • Dimensional signs
  • Pylon signs
  • Electronic message centers
  • Lighted signs

Our sign company can create any business sign imaginable and customize it to suit your requirements without going over your budget. We guarantee that the signs you will receive are consistent with your brand and function for a long time. If there is any problem with the sign you get from us, or it needs some maintenance, don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll send a team to check the issue out.

Free Digital Sign Consultation

Digital signs are great investments for businesses to make especially now that people prefer interactive content rather than static content. At Royal Signs & Awnings, you can trust us to deliver digital signs that will surely make heads turn and bring in the attention your business needs for traffic and sales. Whether you have a design in mind, a budget and schedule to follow, or you want to go all out for your digital signs, we can deliver and give you more reasons to trust us for your business sign needs.

Want to learn more about our top-notch sign service? Contact us through our hotline and we will be right with you to answer your questions, as well as get you started in creating your dream business signs today!

Call Royal Signs & Awnings today at Houston: (832) 699-1115 | Austin: (512) 675-6869 | Dallas: (469) 879-5786 | San Antonio: (726) 208-1666 | Portland, OR: (971) 200-1802 for your Free Consultation with a Leading Signs & Graphics expert!

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