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Channel Letters

Every business needs effective, professional signs that establish visibility and brand recognition to the local community. One of the most powerful yet simple products that we offer to achieve this is our top-quality Portland channel letters.

Our experience in producing these 3-dimensional signs is extensive. We have delivered for clients who need both indoor and outdoor channel letters and dimensional letters of all sizes, colors, shapes, and designs. Any form you want these signs to take, we can do it for you easily and efficiently.

The timeless and professional look of channel letters can fit the branding of any business, whether it’s a long-time player in the industry or a startup venture. We are here to make sure the signs we design, manufacture, and install for you will legitimately help improve your business in the best ways possible.

Get the best Portland channel letters you can find in the market from Royal Signs & Awnings. Whether you want them as simple, solid dimensional letters or electronically illuminated with LED technology, we got it all for you!

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Storefront Channel Letters

Because of their reliable durability and visual quality, channel letters are popularly used as storefront signs. They typically display a business’s logo, company name, and slogan. They are very attractive because of their 3-dimensional look. It is also very easy to add lighting to their structures, making them useful even for businesses that run till the night.

If you have a specific brand or design that you want to establish, we’ve got your back. The Portland channel letters that you will get from us for your storefront signage will not just perfectly reflect your business’s message but also stand durable and weather-resistant for many years.

We offer many options not just in design but also in installation structures. If you want a better-looking sign, you can choose to directly mount the channel letters on the facade of your building. But if time is your priority, using a raceway to handle the letters would be beneficial.

Channel letters are our most recommended product for businesses that want to look more professional and established. You may often find this type of signage in retail stores, but any industry will benefit from channel letters, even manufacturing plants, office buildings, and schools.

Dimensional Letters

Compared to channel letters with hollow insides, dimensional letters are similar in look, but they are solid blocks throughout. Lighting them up can come in the form of backlighting or face-lit translucent acrylic faces.

And like channel letters, the customization options you can have with dimensional letters are endless. You can modify their shape, size, thickness, and design to match the brand you want and create any letter, symbol, or image you need for your business. They can also come in a wide range of materials depending on your budget or desired look. The list includes aluminum, brass, bronze, acrylic, copper, Cor-Ten steel, plastic, stainless steel, metal, and foam.

Dimensional letters can also fit any business from any industry, from offices and government establishments to restaurants and retail shops.

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

If you want to push the visibility and attractiveness of your 3-dimensional letters up a notch, you should try adding illumination.

With Royal Signs & Awnings, you can have every possible option for lighting up both your Portland channel letters and dimensional letters, including open-lit channel letters, front-lit letters, backlit letters, and even halo-lit channel letters.

Tell us your design preferences as well as your branding and budget, and we’ll recommend the best ways to achieve your goals according to your specific needs. Rest assured that we use top-of-the-line LED technology, allowing you to use your lighting all day and all night without having to spend a lot on energy consumption.

Any business that runs until nighttime will greatly benefit from our illuminated channel letters and dimensional letters. Get them now if you run a restaurant, gas station, convenience store, retail store, mall, bar, convenience store, or theater.


Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

If you have any inquiries before, during, or after the project, don’t hesitate to call us. We are more than happy to attend to your questions and give you a great experience along with your top-quality canopy tents.

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